Always looking for better oxygen

Looking for better Oxygen is our excuse to travel.  We live everday much like everone else. The biggest difference is our backyard and views change frequently. 350 square feet of living space allows for a lot more living than you could imagine. Im writing this on a 7" tablet with autofill and auto correct. You ahould see some of the words that this thing comes up with!

There are very few blogs written about people traveling with supplemental oxygen. I suppose when many get to that point, they feel very limited. Yesterday we walked in the morning, cleaned a section of the RV, went to Costco, Walmart, a doctors appointment, made 2 meals had our evening cocktail and I almost forgot we also went to our mailbox. We did this all with a portable oxygen concentrator.  The day before we went to the movies to see the FURY. It was well done but not thoroughly enjoyable. I cant say I was entertained.  Today we will try another movie, it's something we like to do.
If you are wondering why I need Oxygen. Google "Alpha one antitripsin deficeincy". That will answer some questions. 

I am hoping someone searching about supplemental oxygen will stumble onto this blog..
I had Valley Fever last April, and I found out yesterday I don't have to take the medicine anymore, YEAH!

Dave Davis