Enjoying the simple things.

This morning we went for our walk. Its amazing the variety of RVsthat there are. Aside from all the "Bus" type RVs, we've seen a dozen varieties of the pull behinds. Some beautiful vintage and some quirky teardrop shape cuties. Its easy to forget when we come into a park that most of the people are only here for a day or two, enjoying the outdoors, cooking outside and generally sitting outside most of the time.

We or I, always look and one thinking about living in it instead of the adventure of camping. I really don't like to "camp so much any more. I just forget how much fun it can be. We live in ours, and enjoy watching satellite television, reading, and surfing the net.
Today we choose to find a Browns backer bar and spend the afternoon watching the game,(go Browns).That was fun and we got to enjoy a beautiful drive there and back.
I've got some pics today, of our drive, and if I was thinking about this post today, I would've taken some pics of the trailers I was talking about.

Maybe next time......