Leading a charmed life

I've been reading many blogs lately. When you live fulltime in an RV you are lucky because many people that do this seem to have time to write blogs. Of course that means that there is a lot to read  from folks that have a lot in common with you. Many like to concentrate on how they went for a walk this morning, or their trips to the store. Many write complaining about the other RV people who (they think) spend too much money, or are showing off their fancy RV. Most just write about their day and adventures or misadventures.

I don't think that many people would read an blog about someone who lives in a  house or apartment who tells you about things like,  I had to get my water heater fixed today. No one would ever read about your trips to get your prescriptions refilled or Dr appts.  Well, the blogs I read are full of stuff like that.

I'm here today to tell you that I lead a charmed life. I've pretty much got anything I ever wanted. I know that I've got more than I deserved. I was told 25 years ago I had this genetic lung disease and I expected not to be around by now. Instead, I've been lucky enough to be able to get medicine that had been approved by the FDA only a year before.
I was also lucky enough to have my insurance pay for a very expensive medicine. I was lucky to have Debbie, my wife and real life nurse to stick my arm with an IV needle every week to dispense this medicine. I'm also lucky to have a portable oxygen concentrator that makes oxygen with a battery. This allows me to do what I do and go where we want.

Now, I know this doesn't mean a lot to many. My intent is to stir some interest with handicapped people. You know, where there is life, there is hope.

How many of you lead a charmed life? I have these things in my life. A wonderful Wife and partner that gets me. Wonderful Children that work hard, raise children, honor their families.  I've always had a nice place to live, good food, good friends I've enjoyed spending time with. Does any of this sound familiar? How about something as simple as a TV program you love to watch, a video game you love to play, a weekly bowling or golf game? All the many other things that you get to see or experience?

Don't wait for something bad to happen before you finally realize that you do, in fact lead a charmed life...
Look at these...

All these people and many more are part of my charmed life. Think about yours.