Life is always beautiful, even when it's not.

Many people say "someday" but that day never comes. We all think it will, but life usually gets in the way. Wives, children, jobs or lack of one, family in need, health, death.  All these people and events eventually happen to everyone, and you can let these events control your destiny, or you can control your destiny.

I should mention, I wouldn't be writing about all this joy if I wasn't lucky enough to know my wife.
Debbie, she's the other piece of the 2 piece puzzle that makes this perfect picture. I'll go into that more in the future.

September 7, 2013 we started this adventure. We had just sold our home and pretty much everything in it, and moved into our recently remodeled RV. We've traveled about 12,000 miles to date. Everyday is a gift.

Besides being an adventuresome soul, I have COPD. I can see the pity in most peoples faces when they see me walking around with my oxygen. They just can't see the good life I am enjoying. I have a portable oxygen concentrator  to drive around and walk around with, and a regular concentrator that stays in the RV.

We live our lives everday with the RV as our home. We prepare most of our meals here, relax here, sleep here, bathe and dress here. We leave, lock the door and go out for the day, just like anyone else who lives in a house or apartment.

The reason I decided to share all this information with anyone who will read it is simple. I just want people to know that anything is possible. If you are broke, sick, afraid, suffering, lonely, or unhappy, anything is possible. Sometimes you just have to take small steps just to see small accomplishments. I know selling everything and running around the country in an RV isn't everyone's idea of a dream come true. Maybe you have another dream, a vision of your perfect life.

Many feel this vision isn't possible, but as long as you have that vision it is. The vision of that dream is the first step towards the realization of that dream.

I will write about things I know about, and answer any questions about anything I can. I will post some pics and tell some stories. Maybe I can mix in a little hope!

Dave Davis