In Rehab

Yes, its true, I'm in Rehab. 
Shocking as it may seem I've given up news and current events. After many sleepless nights wondering if America will be great again, or if the country is truly crumbling beneath our feet, I've chosen to no longer "tune in".

It started with my Facebook feed. The daily NYT and WP posts were all shouting and screaming at me to read about the the death of our culture. Before this, Fox news, Town Hall, National Review, etc. were all screaming about what Obama had done to our great country.
NYT and WP were mostly diverse in reporting and offered some diversity.
Ever since the  weeks before the election the hatred, bigotry, and fear have been streaming out of all publications. 

What I once considered thoughtful, objective journalism has become histronics.

I will no longer feed my habit or give in to my cravings. I will no longer quench my thirst for knowledge of current events.

I will only live in the here and now with my loved ones and friends.  
Like all addicts, I am in the process of acquiring new addictions. I constantly search for Television programming like FARGO, BETTER CALL SAUL, RAY DONOVAN. I'll fill my days with searching for suitable authors, all the while cursing, LEE CHILDS, JOHN GRISHAM, JOHN LESCROART, and many others like them for not publishing more books.
And, finally when desperate enough I will get off my big lazy ass and jump in the car and actually see some people!!