My last Ford?

This post may be just a knee jerk, visceral reaction. I read today Ford's decision to not build the plant in Mexico was a bit misleading.
Today they announced they were moving production of the Ford Focus to China. It will save them 500 million in production costs on this car. With only a couple of exceptions, I've always bought Ford's. I bought 4 new Ford before I sold them, mainly because my Father did. Over the 20 years I worked for Ford I probably bought another 8 or so. After retiring, I bought another 4. I doubt I will ever buy another one.

My first feelings upon hearing the news of this move were betrayal. Of course that was nothing but an emotional rant on my part. Logically, Ford is competing on a global stage. They are a global car maker that is going to do anything necessary to complete. To buy from an American company is just misguided loyalty.  Buying from a company that produces a product in America is much more logical.

Buy American?? I don't think so. Your Loyalty should be to another person, your family. Not some idea of America.

On a more contradictory theme...... Is any one else feeling ashamed and embarrassed that the so called greatest military force ever was so asleep at the switch that it let a huge container ship take out a state of the art military warship?  Where's the 24/7 news coverage on that?